WhatsApp went down, recently

WhatsApp wasn’t sending and receiving the messages in recent hours.

WhatsApp users number is more than 2 billion users that have become the most used platform to send and receive messages, documents, files, and more. Recently today around for an hour, WhatsApp went down for its 2 billion clients prior. However, WhatsApp restored its issues and the service has now been reestablished. As the WhatsApp is playing its role in business also, it makes problems for users and businesses as well when such issues occurred.

The issues began at around 4 PM ET where WhatsApp users prevented from sending or receiving messages on the administration for about 60 minutes. While the service experienced this issue, the WhatsApp would still open the application, however, the connecting loop was displayed and results as a problem in message transfer from user to user.

WhatsApp said in a statement that Prior today, an inside update made to our WhatsApp servers which raised a few users to have trouble while they send messages. Further in the statement, it included that they immediately settled this issue for everybody and they apologize for any burden.

The WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook that very rare encounters such as service outages issues. It was the first major outage for over a year that was fixed though. Last year for around two hoursWhatsApp went down alongside Facebook and Instagram before it restored the service.

Earlier this year in a statement, Facebook revealed WhatsApp has now users around 2 billion where the number is up from the 1.5 billion in 2018 and 1 billion users in 2016, respectively. This chat application is well known and popular across many countries in Brazil, Europe, and in India that helps people in their personal and business works.

Update during the issue –

July 14th, 4:45 PM ET– WhatsApp has returned back online.

July 14th, 5:35 PM ET- Added statement from WhatsApp.

July 14th, 5:35 PM ET-  Added further comment from WhatsApp.

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